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Regalix helps you serve your customers better by elevating the customer experience for improved satisfaction and, ultimately, reduced churn rates. Regalix identifies the root causes of high churn rates and provides bespoke solutions.

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Often considered the ‘front page of the internet,’ US-based social news aggregation and forum Reddit boasts about 1.5 billion unique monthly visitors from an active global user base. However, Reddit was unable to harness this vast user base due to the absence of advertising on their website. To remedy this, Reddit introduced a self-serve ad platform in an effort to monetize this traffic. This caught the attention of advertisers, mainly SMBs, as a tremendous opportunity to reach a huge audience.


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The newly instated advertising platform showed great promise; however, SMBs were only investing minuscule amounts of money in the platform leading to an extremely high churn rate. Advertisers were unable to harness the different set of targeting tools and setup options leading to inefficient use of its features and offerings. In a bid to understand the scope of the platform, advertisers invested lower amounts than the threshold required leading to poor results. Lastly, due to the sheer volume and inadequate staffing, Reddit was unable to provide the support required by the SMB base efficiently.

Regalix hired, trained, and set up a robust infrastructure for an extended Inside Sales team. Our Integrated Marketing approach enabled lead generation across all platforms. The Inside Sales team adopted the CHAMP (Challenges, Authority, Money, Prioritization) model of lead qualification—subject matter experts gauged the prospect’s pain points during discovery calls, which gave TCG’s in-house team insights into the ideal, personalized follow-up mail.

Due to the enhanced onboarding process deployed by Regalix, a significant impact was seen in mere months. As a result, advertisers were able to harness the platform’s capabilities and achieve their desired outcome. Regalix boosted the number of ads per advertiser by 91% and the average daily budget by 40%. Also, through the necessary level of support, advertisers were more likely to be retained in the following months than before Regalix’s intervention.