Improved Web KPIs and Healthy Leads Pipeline for Oracle Marketing Cloud


Oracle Marketing Cloud, a group of acquired companies, had a diluted brand presence. Traffic and leads from its online properties were declining. Prospects and customers had a broken experience across the properties, which reflected a decline in the number of return visitors.


The engagement started off with a comprehensive audit of Oracle Marketing Cloud’s web properties to identify the customer (user) experience gaps – usability, content and creative quality, conversion flows, etc.

Based on the exhaustive audit, actionable usability inputs were provided for the web and mobile properties. Bite-sized communication pieces were created by Regalix from the core content and distributed over the web, mobile sites, and social channels. Marketing and sales teams were armed with ROI calculators and dashboards to track traffic and usage metrics.


Within six months of implementing Regalix’s recommendations, Oracle saw a 25% jump in traffic, doubling of repeat visitors, 40% increase in content downloads and 25% higher “Contact Us” form fill-ups. Using information from ROI calculator and dashboards sales teams were able to have intelligent conversations with prospects and convert more.


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