Dell ‘Future-Ready’ Campaign: Re-Positioning the Dell Brand with Engaging Content


Dell partnered with research firm IDC to quantify the extent to which future-readiness matters in today’s digital business world. The IDC survey of more than 2,500 global IT and business executives produced a massive amount of raw, complex data. Dell approached Regalix with the challenge to transform the raw data into interesting and engaging digital content. The Regalix-produced content would be the foundation of a global campaign positioning Dell as the go-to provider for cloud, big data, and convergence solutions.


From the start, the challenge was to work out the best way to interpret the deluge of data to tell the strongest story in the most concise, visual manner possible. Dell wanted 50+ creative assets crafted, reviewed, and released in less than two months. To meet the tight timeframe, Regalix assembled a core team of writers, designers, and developers to create compelling marketing material.

We created a series of articles, lists, infographics, and other bite-sized digital content around big data analytics and converged infrastructure. The content was both descriptive and prescriptive, offering informative guidelines for IT transformation, and what it means to be truly future-ready.
We then crafted paid and organic social media posts and related imagery to support each asset across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each post needed to be unique to itself, yet include the required Dell and Intel branding mandated by our client. Above all else, each post had to tie into the larger theme, expressing the overall message that future readiness is attainable using Dell products.


Dell launched the ‘Future-Ready’ global campaign. What started as hundreds of slides of raw data became 50+ bite-sized content assets that enabled the core audience to understand the importance of future readiness. This new and innovative campaign by Regalix has enabled Dell to position its enterprise software solution as a leader in a competitive market.


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