Optimizing Customer Success Solutions to Scale Ssense’s E-commerce Business


Average Customer Satisfaction (CSAT%)


Reduction in operating costs


Countries including the APAC, EMEA, and AMER regions

When you sell your goods or services on the global market, localized customer support becomes an integral part of your business. Customers expect support in their local language and this, increasingly, puts pressure on organizations to provide high-quality, consistent CX across multiple. Offering your customers support in their native language will increase their confidence in your brand. eCommerce merchants must also create an omnichannel customer experience that offers customers a seamless and uniform experience across all channels if they are to prosper.

Customer success programs are essential for maintaining and growing revenue, increasing customer loyalty, and helping customers reach the desired outcomes when using the service or product offered by the organization. Customers today demand instantaneous solutions and individualized, round-the-clock support via several channels. However, most customer support teams find it challenging to satisfy these increasing demands.

For an eCommerce company to succeed, it is important they provide consistent and scalable services to their customers without sacrificing product quality.

Interested to know how global e-commerce companies can engage their customers in their native language while scaling up and down as per the requirements, without compromising on quality? Here’s exactly what we did for SSENSE – a multi-brand, high-end, global fashion retailer.


Discover, in this case study:

  • The challenges faced when trying to provide multilingual support for a superior CX
  •  The solutions implemented that helped the organization monetize existing and new markets, by effectively engaging with customers in their local language
  • The steps taken to scale the business without being saddled with additional resources

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SSENSE (pronounced [es-uhns]) is a global technology platform operating at the intersection of culture, community, and commerce. Co-founded in 2003 by brothers Rami, Firas, and Bassel Atallah, and headquartered in Montreal, it features a mix of established and emerging luxury brands across womenswear, menswear, kidswear, and Everything ElseTM .






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