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State of B2B content marketing 2015


Content marketing, we believe, is the emerging face of digital marketing and content will be at the core of all meaningful consumer engagements. Companies need to address the challenges and opportunities that this will throw up. The key to success is making content meaningful and relevant to the consumer. Understanding the consumer journey and mapping content to the different stages of that journey is a task that companies need to undertake. Currently, content marketing is being primarily used as a pre-sales tool with an emphasis on lead generation. We believe companies need to learn to engage customers post-sales as well, using content to build long terms relationships. Given the emergence of smart phones and other mobile devices in our everyday lives, B2B marketers along with their digital partners need to unscramble the code on how to effectively use mobile as a powerful tool in their content strategy.

We also feel that newer channels and content types need to be explored and marketers who discover and adopt them will stand to gain. To leverage the emerging trend of videos, and innovate on content delivery, marketers need to convince their boards to loosen the purse strings and invest in content marketing. The companies that succeed in this endeavour will emerge as winners in what we think will be the next revolution in marketing.


  • 98% marketers say content marketing is core to their marketing strategy
  • 90% respondents choose nurturing prospects as the key objective of their content marketing program
  • 78% respondents identify videos as the most leveraged content type
  • 95% marketers identify website as the most leveraged content channel
  • 80% respondents have no exclusive content marketing strategy for mobile
  • 61% marketers expect to invest more into content marketing in 2015

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