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State of B2B marketing 2015


This survey report looks into trends and predictions that will help CMO’s and marketing leaders to focus on the right strategies, programs and tactics that will create market differentiation, drive growth and increase ROI.


The research indicates a gradual shift among B2B marketers toward investing more in digital channels to meet their marketing goals. While the traditional channels of marketing aren’t going away, they will see reduced investments in the coming years.

In the digital marketing space, the usual suspects within channels ( read Search, Email, and Social ), continue to dominate, signaling a clear need for further innovation that digital agencies and content providers need to address.

Videos and webcasts seem to be growing in importance and that is a refreshing change. The initial promise held out by mobile seems to be wearing off and their relevance in the B2B space needs to be re-assessed.

While practicing marketers appear to have reposed their faith on digital, it looks like top management is yet to buy into its promise. That is a challenge that both marketers and their agencies need to jointly overcome.

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