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State of B2B product marketing 2014


Product marketing in the traditional sense referred to the set of tactics used to market a product and usually ended almost as soon as the product was launched. But in the past few years, the drastic wave of transformation that marketing has undergone has rippled its way through Product marketing as well. Customers now don’t make purchase decisions the way they used to, and marketers can no longer adopt a one-size-fits-all approach in their communications to them. B2B customers have grown and Product marketing has evolved alongside into a complex subject which involves understanding the right mix of channels, messaging and more to appeal to the B2B buyer.

Regalix conducted a survey to analyze and bring to you the state of Product marketing as it stands today, with a set of actionable tips and recommendations essential to marketing your product or solution in today’s environment.


  • 87% marketers believe that Product marketing to a B2B audience has changed drastically in the past few years
  • 82% marketers report that their customers expect to see a product demo to take a purchase decision
  • 75% marketers use Videos during the introduction stage of their product’s life-cycle
  • 49% marketers allocate 25% to 50% of their total budget to outbound marketing
  • 77% marketers carry out Lead scoring and Lead nurturing exercises

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