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State of marketing automation 2014


Marketing Automation systems are sophisticated platforms that allow marketers to manage and nurture prospects across channels, using customer intelligence churned from these systems. However, not all marketers use Marketing Automation and some do not use it beyond some basic features such as Email Marketing.

Regalix conducted survey interviews with business leaders, senior marketing executives and practitioners from around the world to analyze the state of Marketing Automation as it stands today and provide actionable tips and recommendations essential to marketing product or solutions in today’s environment.

This report is designed to help marketers understand how to unleash the true potential of Marketing Automation. It explores the manner in which Marketing Automation platforms are used by marketers today, including the challenges faced and the benefits reaped post-implementation. Most importantly, it equips marketers with all the information they’ll need to implement or evaluate investing in an automation system. If you want to find out more about how to maximize your ROI from Marketing Automation, you have come to the right place.


  • 88% marketers are either currently using or considering implementing Marketing Automation tools in the coming year.
  • 69% marketers who have not yet implemented Marketing Automation tools, plan to do so in the year 2014.
  • 82% marketers use an SaaS Marketing Automation platform.
  • 86% marketers consider ‘ease of use’ as the most important criterion when evaluating automation tools.
  • 55% marketers have already been using Marketing Automation for the past 3 years and do not plan to increase investment in Marketing Automation in 2014.
  • 34% marketers use efficiency metrics to measure Marketing Automation ROI as opposed to 87% who use response metrics for the same.
  • 54% marketers who have not yet implemented Marketing Automation cite lack of budgets as a major obstacle preventing implementation.
  • 66% marketers reported allocating less than 10% of their budget to Marketing Automation.

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