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State of Sales Enablement 2019


With the B2B sales process becoming more complex, organizations are looking for tools that can help them increase their sales productivity, shorten the sales cycle, achieve a higher conversion rate. Sales enablement is one such tool that has garnered much attention from marketers
in recent years. Sales enablement helps salespeople sell more effectively to customers, by providing them with content and tools that make for a compelling pitch. And marketers have been lapping it up.

We did a study in 2017 (‘State of Sales Enablement 2017’) to understand the benefits and challenges that organizations faced in implementing a sales enablement solution.

Since then, various other studies have been highlighting the positive impact that sales enablement has had on an organization’s sales efforts. So we decided it was time once again to revisit the subject and see for ourselves to what extent organizations have adopted sales enablement practices, and how well it was working for them. For this study, we surveyed senior executives responsible for sales and marketing in mid to large sized corporations across regions.

Read on to know what we found.

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