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The State of Customer Onboarding 2019


When customers don’t understand the full functionality of your product and are unable to derive enough value from it, they tend to churn. Customer onboarding can help resolve this problem.

Not only does customer onboarding help the customer adapt to your product to meet their requirement, but it also sets the tone for the relationship that you will have with the customer in the future. Given this, it’s easy to understand why good customer onboarding practices are necessary for any business.

With the rise of the subscription economy and more and more businesses turning to SaaS as a delivery model, managing churn and garnering customer satisfaction are pivotal to the growth and sustainability of a business. Customer onboarding is an important step in ensuring this. In this study, we surveyed senior executives responsible for customer onboarding in mid- to
large-sized companies to understand the practices followed by them and the challenges faced by them in implementing those practices.

Read on to know what we found.

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