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B2B social media marketing trends 2013


In the last few years we have seen Social Media become all pervasive – affecting every facet of our lives, changing the way we behave, the way we communicate. This change in behavior has also forever altered the customer buying journey.

B2B Social Media Mark Trends 2013 is a compilation of insights from senior B2B marketing professionals across US, Europe and Asia. The report provides insights into trends in Social Media marketing, including, budget allocations, leading metrics used by marketers, challenges faced by them, and more. This data will help CMOs invest in the right Social Media tactics and help in the creation of effective execution strategies.


  • 99% marketers use Social Media as part of their marketing mix
  • 97% marketers currently use Social Media for inboud lead generation
  • 90% marketers claim increasing brand awareness or exposure as the primary objective of their Social Media marketing program
  • 95% marketers use Twitter to attain their Social Media objective
  • 75% marketers indicate measurement of campaign ROI as the biggest challenge faced by them
  • 74% marketers cite website traffic as being the leading metric for measurement of Social Media ROI

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