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Post-sales content marketing trends 2013


With over 90,500 searches on Google every month, content marketing is soon moving from being just a hype to an established discipline. While the popularity of content marketing is yet to surpass Social Media Marketing which has around 300,000 searches a month, marketers are soon realizing the importance of content marketing and the need to fit it in their traditional marketing mix.

Post-Sales Content Marketing Trends 2013 is a compilation of insights from senior B2B marketing professionals across US, Europe and Asia. The report provides insights into the latest content marketing strategies for post-sales stages. This report details our findings about which content tactics B2B marketing organizations are using, and which distribution channels are most effective in the after-sales cycle. This data will help CMO’s invest in the right content marketing tactics for executing their post-sales content marketing strategy.

Note We identified the six most significant post-sales stages for a B2B CMO: Aiding Consumption, Increasing Satisfaction, Activating Engagement, Ensuring Repurchase, Driving Loyalty and Enabling Advocacy, and analyzed content types and distribution mechanisms through the lens of these marketing objectives.


  • 99% of content marketing efforts in the post sales cycle are targeted to customers as opposed to partners, resellers and distributors.
  • 97% of B2B marketers believe that it is important to continue content marketing in the post sales cycle, only 82% of them currently use content marketing in this phase.
  • 63% of marketers claim that brand loyalty is the core benefit of a post-sales content marketing campaign.

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