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State of Contact Centers 2019 – The Omnichannel Approach


Transforming from a niche industry in the 1980s to one with an estimated value of $407.1 billion by 2022, the contact center industry is expected to go a long way. As pointed out in the report ‘CXO Guide: Digital transformation in contact centers’ by Regalix, rapid progress in the areas of artificial intelligence, big data analytics and internet of things, and the adoption of these technologies by individuals and corporates through an omnichannel approach, have paved the way for massive advancements in the contact center industry.

We conducted a study on the state of contact centers last year (refer to our report, ‘State of Contact Centers 2018’). This is a follow up to that study, in which we try and gauge how the industry has evolved since then, how companies are learning to cope with changing customer expectations and whether some of the observations we made last year still hold good today.

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