Helping Dell Technologies Reinvent its Approach to Technical Documentation


Acquisitions. Mergers. Restructures. Dell Technologies has been through it all the last few years. As a result, the Dell technical marketing team’s content has sprawled across different sites or been forced into the wrong platforms. Modern capabilities – social sharing and SEO – were just a dream. Worst of all, the lack of actionable analytics made management question the team’s value.

Frustrated, loyal (paying) customers and a technical marketing team not able to quickly and easily publish content were the catalysts for re-thinking their entire content strategy.


After a comprehensive review of available platforms, Dell Technologies selected RegalixNytro.

With numerous content structuring options, persona- and use-case-based journeys, playlists and web-optimized bite-sized content, consumers could quickly and easily find the content they need, no matter the context.

An intuitive UI and powerful features like one-click document importation and publishing simplified content management while also allowing Dell’s content teams to scale production and boost efficiency.

The ability to create and share content of various modern formats like interactive walkthroughs, 360-degree visualizations and HTML also added to user engagement, ease of use and overall content consumption.

The platform’s intelligent analytics capabilities provided actionable insights like who viewed what content, how long they engaged with an asset and much more, allowing for further content optimization.


As a result of overhauling their technical documentation operations with Regalix Nytro, Dell Technologies was able to apply a more coherent approach to the process, improving cross-team collaboration, operational efficiency and targeted content reach.

Happy customers means contract renewal and upsells. And the team has the data to prove its ROI.

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