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Convenience is key for customers; no industry has seen this hold true more than the delivery industry. An industry that a few decades back was limited to postal services across the world has become a global phenomenon when it comes to growth. The food delivery industry alone has surpassed $150 billion globally, with new customer onboarding happening rapidly. People want everything from food to mobiles to medicine at their doorsteps, and they want it fast. When the global economy went down due to the pandemic, this industry grew 3x and, in turn, helped revive other sectors, such as the restaurant business.

A rise in popularity also meant an increase in competition. Which meant customers now had a range of options to choose from, leading to poor platform adoption. To survive and expand, organisations need to take advantage of the growing market and meet its demands while offering their customers solid customer support solutions to reduce churn.

A superior merchant onboarding service is the quickest way to ensure platform adoption and revenue generation. A successful onboarding program goes way beyond the basic welcome kit – it should include a quick and seamless establishment of the merchant account and helping the merchants get their first ‘win’ from the platform.

Interested in finding out how an accelerated merchant and vendor onboarding service can lead to enhanced revenue and holds the key to success for your delivery business? Here’s what we did for the world’s leading food delivery organisation so they could deliver a bespoke experience to their merchants and achieve a high conversion rate in a highly competitive market.

Discover in this case study:

  • The problems faced due to low platform/product adoption
  • The issues involving the onboarding process
  • The solutions that were implemented to manage their leads

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As the world’s leading food delivery organisation, we aim to empower local economies. This shapes how our team members move quickly and continuously learn and reiterate to support merchants and the communities we serve. We are a technology and logistics company that started with door-to-door delivery. We are looking for team members who can help us go from a company known for delivering food to a company that people turn to for any goods.


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