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#Coronavirus #Covid-19: A Black Swan Event for Customer Experience Innovation?

#Coronavirus #Covid-19: A Black Swan Event for Customer Experience Innovation?


Key Takeaways:


I am a United Airlines frequent flyer doing Sydney – US – Sydney trips once every 6 weeks. I had to cancel my trip this week due to the #coronavirus fears related to airline travels and airport transits.

It is interesting that I got a personalized email from the CEO, United Airlines which connected very well with me and my emotions on this issue. No wonder, United’s perception in my mind went many notches up.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 pandemic are increasingly making headlines impacting supply chains and news about another economic recession underway.

But what does it mean to Customer Experience Leaders?

There is an opportunity in this #Blackswan event for Customer Success Leaders to leverage Knowledge + Digital + Innovation to build relationships that create customer loyalty for a lifetime.

Gartner in their blog post – “The Customer Experience Implications of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus and COVID-19 Disease” point to 2 strategies – Proactive and Reactive to build strong customer connections by way of new “Knowledge” of changing customer demands and “Digitally” enabling the workforce to communicate effectively with customers and create “Innovative” programs to serve customers.

• Proactive: Understand customers’ informational needs and provide that content proactively via websites, social media, and apps. This will help you to meet and exceed customer expectations, demonstrate your care, minimize contact volume, and avoid business disruptions.

• Reactive: Arm your contact center, social media, sales, and PR teams with the information they’ll need to demonstrate your brand’s concern for the health and welfare of its customers.

Regalix’s award-winning Sales Enablement Platform, Nytro provides the Knowledge + Digital + Innovation solutions to address customer demands through content in the context of the changed customer journeys.

There are many such innovations that will emerge as this black swan event will create new ways to engage with customers and make them successful. Write to me at dheeraj.prasad@regalix-inc.com If you are interested in sharing your innovations in delivering best in class customer experience at this time of uncertainty related to the #coronavirus pandemic.

We will cover your story on our show, Knowledge-Centered Growth on Regalix TV, the worlds’ leading technology innovation and business channel for global business leaders.

Hope to see the world safe and healthy!


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