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George Sadler: What account-based experience is all about

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Our host Jessica Ly sits down with George Sadler, Senior Director of Marketing Analytics at Adobe, in this episode of Regalix’s RTalks. George talks about the concept of account-based experience (ABX) and how it differs from account-based management (ABM). He further goes on to explain how ABX helps marketers engage and nurture customers.


Highlights of the interview


“ABM is not well understood outside the marketing function and is seen primarily as marketing’s responsibility, especially in B2B. Account-based experience (ABX) is more holistic and focuses on every interaction with a customer. It helps you build a customer-intelligent organization.”

How ABX engages customers

“When customers go through your marketing material, they are telling you that they are interested. If that interest can be captured and interpreted, you can find out their needs and be more relevant in the next interaction. ABX takes the ABM approach a step further by using this method in every interaction.”

Nurturing your customers

“Organizations have to evolve from hunting to nurturing, especially when dealing with large accounts. Marketing and sales cannot function as separate channels; they need to take an integrated approach to nurture accounts. Both teams need to think about the whole ecosystem and the entire organization.”


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