Matt Carter: Benefits of Managed SD-WAN

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In this episode, Matt Carter, CEO, Aryaka Networks, tells us about his career journey and shares his knowledge about Managed SD-WAN.

Highlights of the interview

Managed SD-WAN

“Managed SD-WAN is another way to refer to this offering because a customer typically pays a service provider a fee to install and deliver connectivity, monitoring, and maintenance services.”

Creative thinking skills

“Creative thinking promotes problem-solving. Business owners also need to be able to problem-solve effectively. Whether it’s financial issues, customer service issues, or a business model issue, there will always be unforeseen issues that arise, which will require solutions.”

Being a good leader

“Good leadership helps employees to refine their skills. It helps employees realize their potential. It provides the opportunity to practice their skills and enhance them. It shows them the skills that they need to attain a place they inspire to get.”

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