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Thought leadership platform for technology and business leaders.
Regalix TV

Thought leadership platform for technology and business leaders.

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Chatbots and conversational AI programs use messaging apps and speech-based assistants to automate communication and create personalized customer experiences at scale.

John Ragsdale,

VP of Research, Service Technology of TSIA

What comes first when you want to innovate - idea or customer needs?

Susan Aoki,

VP, Global Services Digital Platform, VMware

Establishing balance between human and AI customer service.

Gurinder Grewal,

Head of Customer Success Platform, at PayPal

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Our Thought Leadership channels

Deep Dive

Hosted by Kevin Benedict

The Deep Dive channel is about leaders, and for leaders. Here, business and technology leaders share their insights, experiences, analyses, stories, innovations, predictions and advice with host, Kevin Benedict.

Kevin is Regalix’s SVP of Solutions Strategy. He has over 3,000 published articles to his name, and was named by IDG as one of the top 10 digital transformation influencers to follow. Kevin’s interview style is pretty casual, as he maintains his natural light-hearted personality.

Tech It Up

Hosted by Jessica Ly

On Tech It Up, you’ll find insightful interviews with technology leaders and game-changers based in Silicon Valley, celebrating their career journeys, tech innovations and thought leadership.

Our host, Jessica, is a tech marketing and business development expert with over 15 years of helping businesses accelerate growth and transformation to achieve continued success. With her inquisitive mind, Jessica is never short of thought-provoking questions that lead to interesting conversation.

Center Stage

Hosted by Rajiv Parikh

Center Stage features domain experts and innovators from SMBs to F500 companies who share their insights, and perspectives from AI to IoT and beyond. Watch Rajiv's engaging interviews with C-level execs and other dynamic leaders.

Rajiv is a marketing, demand generation and branding expert with decades of experience in the SaaS space and a particular affinity for startups. As a marketing virtuoso, Rajiv is quick to ask questions that cut to the heart of the matter at hand and highlight the points of genuine interest.

A.I. Unbound

Hosted by Alka Asthana

A.I. Unbound is a one-stop shop for all things related to AI in business. Gain insight into the latest trends, challenges, innovations and more, straight from the experts.

Alka, our host, is a veteran of the telecommunications space, having held senior and executive positions across key organizations in the domain. She has a calm, measured interview style, and is adept at coaxing out her guests’ thoughts and guiding conversation down the right path with just a few words.

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