Regalix delivers higher revenue to companies by increasing the share-of-wallet of their customers, by cross-selling and upselling products and services that are of value to customers.


The Essentials
  • Make available sales packs in real time, based on knowledge of customers’ needs and challenges at that time
  • Generate sales triggers by listening to a host of signals—usage level, number of active users, hits to certain sections of a product, etc.

What Differentiates Us
  • Our AI enabled systems are continuously learning from past data
  • We are consultants not sellers. Our value-based approach hits the right chord with the customers
  • We invest heavily in training our staff to understand the client situations, needs and challenges so that we talk their language

Value Delivered
  • Increase share-of-wallet from customers
  • Increase value delivered to customers through the right products and services on the basis of deep understanding of their needs