Renewal Management

Lack of perceived value and poor user adoption are the biggest contributors of churn in a SAAS based company. Customers that do not realize value in a measurable way will not be a long term customer. Renewals management requires a long term approach that is put into action right after your customer is onboarded. Regalix’s renewals management solutions focus on creating loyal customers for through a data-driven continuous engagement program that demonstrates measurable value to your customer.


The Essentials
  • Provide renewal management services on-demand, through phone, email, chat
  • Customer surveys: Conduct timely surveys to understand customer health score. Respond to surveys
  • Report automation: Identify and prioritize upcoming renewals, identify churn trends and address resolution proactively
What Differentiates Us
  • Regalix has invested in creating highly motivating reward and recognition process
  • Our well segmented and predictive dashboards help CSMs focus on the right accounts at the right time
  • We deliver resource-based scale in diverse areas of hi-tech, ad-tech and retail
Value Delivered
  • Quarterly-on-quarter growing renewal rate trend, coupled with reducing churn
  • Renewals at a higher value
  • Higher monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and annual recurring revenue (ARR) delivered