Innovative labs to incubate ideas into viable products

Regalix launched Labs in 2011, a technology and entrepreneurship incubator. This unit fosters innovative and cutting-edge web and mobile ideas and helps turn them into reality. Labs leverage the Regalix infrastructure for product development and marketing to jump-start promising ideas and help launch initiatives backed by Silicon Valley Venture Firms and Corporations.

Our cutting-edge technology will revolutionise your agent experience. It's not just about automating processes—it's about making them more efficient, effective, and profitable. By combining the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with predictive analytics, our new platform will enable us to deliver a more personalised customer experience, reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks and improve customer satisfaction.

Two of the flagship programs under Regalix Labs are and Regalix Jot.

AI-powered closed captioning and subtitling services for truly effective videos


Our AI-driven speech-to-text and video-to-text English transcription technology ensure that your asset is translated to the most exemplary standard possible.

Closed captions are one of the main contributors to making online video and audio clips more accessible. They make the videos more engaging and enable people with language barriers and hearing disabilities to comprehend them more easily.

AI-powered closed captioning is the need of the day today, and Regalix Jot guarantees top quality with an instant turnaround.


Fast, scalable, innovative and easy-to-use AI offerings

Know more about a few of our leading AI-powered platforms that offer a range of services - digital campaign improvement, interactive LMS platform, coding lessons and more.


Our Past Ventures


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Streamline your agent support ecosystem to boost visibility, scalability and CSAT



Nytro helps organisations streamline their infrastructure to hire virtually, onboard, enable, coach, & guide their teams with a single, intuitive platform. can also be integrated into crucial hiring mediums and completely automate your screening and shortlisting process. It can then extract and build skill profiles based on assessments.

It provides data and insights, so you know which new sales hires have hit their ramp goals and can pitch your product flawlessly. can go through your reps' sales pitches and demo recordings to provide instant insights into your onboarding program's effectiveness.






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