Contact Center Sales

Regalix manages complete sales process for companies that offer subscription based products and services. Backed by an experienced team and stable processes, we help companies realize increased sales throughput at scale.


The Essentials
  • A highly experienced ready to deploy team of professionals
  • Qualified, hand picked databases from a variety of trusted and innovative sources
  • A versatile platform that integrates CRM tools and calling solutions

What Differentiates Us
  • Motivated team–sales is our culture, not a process
  • Real-time monitoring of audio stream for quality, compliance and opportunities, supported by NLP, ML systems
  • NLP backed knowledge base for intuitive access during calls

Value Delivered
  • Our superior processes and tools have a domino effect–happier sales staff, lower attrition, lower cost of a sale
  • Our variable model makes it a no-risk option for our clients