Customer Support

Regalix helps deliver timely, empathetic help that keeps your customer’s needs at the forefront, ensuring high customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our ‘self serve’ first approach helps deliver cost effective and scaleable customer support services.


The Essentials
  • Support your customers in-app, by email, phone, social, and chat
  • Deploy experienced and subject matter trained professionals at scale
  • Self-serve content production, and NLP driven knowledgebase
  • Troubleshooting support services 24/7 in more than 15 languages
What Differentiates Us
  • Data analytics driven, predictive, and personalized customer support
  • ‘Self serve’-first approach
  • Omnichannel support
  • Trusted by brands like Google, Amazon, VMware for their global customer support programs
Value Delivered
  • 97%+ customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores
  • 30% reduction in contact center call volumes through automation & self serve
  • 10% improvement in resolution rate
  • 50% improvement in turn-around times (TATs)
  • 97%+ CSAT scores