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Regalix is a finalist in the 2020 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award

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Regalix, a global leader in Revenue Operations and Sales Enablement, is a finalist in Red Herring’s Top 100 North America award, one of the technology industry’s most prestigious prizes.

Finalists of the awards are among the continent’s brightest and most innovative private ventures. Red Herring’s editorial team chose their place among North America’s tech elite during a months-long process that takes into account 20 main quantitative and qualitative criteria, including disruptive impact, market footprint, proof of concept, financial performance, technology innovation, social value, quality of management, execution of strategy, and integration into their respective industries.

For over two decades, Red Herring’s team has seen through the tech sector’s hype to select brands that have become industry benchmarks. Previous Top 100 finalists have included Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Skype, SuperCell, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Top 100 North America has become not only a springboard for some of tech’s biggest names, but a valued and trusted tool for venture capitalists, experts and analysts predicting trends at the industry’s sharpest edge.

“Selecting finalists for this year’s Top 100 has proved more difficult than ever,” said Alex Vieux, Publisher and Chairman of Red Herring. “North America has been tech’s beating heart for years, but never have I seen such an exciting, disruptive and innovative generation as we have in 2020.”

Some of the largest Fortune 500 companies outsource their customer experience and sales programs to Regalix to accelerate revenue at scale.  Regalix’s Revenue Operations managed services provide innovative solutions across the entire customer lifecycle journey, including sales operations, customer acquisition, customer onboarding, customer success, and customer support.

“We are honored to be recognized as a Red Herring Top 100 North America finalist,” said Vikas Sharan, CEO of Regalix.  “Regalix’s RevOps solutions have been accelerating revenue for Fortune 100 companies across the entire CX journey for many years now. In this era of COVID-19 where digital selling is the new norm, our digital sales platform,, is spearheading modern enablement and sales readiness solutions to ensure sales reps have the virtual selling skills required to effectively sell and engage with prospects.”

Regalix’s digital sales platform,, recently announced the launch of Nytro Pitch App.  Nytro Pitch App uses artificial intelligence to evaluate and analyze demo pitch recordings of sales reps and, using multiple machine learning techniques, can quickly determine a sales rep’s pitch performance across several key dimensions to identify which reps have mastered the demo or sales pitch and which reps need more practice. 

“Regalix fully deserves its place among our finalists, and I’ve every confidence it will make a significant impact in the tech world,” added Vieux.

About Regalix

Regalix is a global leader in Sales Enablement and Revenue Operations. Regalix’s award-winning sales enablement platform,, is a next-generation solution powered by AI that includes integrated content management, virtual training and onboarding, guided selling and prospect engagement, virtual events, and deep analytics. Regalix’s Revenue Operations capabilities provide powerful solutions for end-to-end customer lifecycle management, including customer success, customer onboarding, inside sales, and digital marketing. Regalix works with hundreds of companies around the world including Google, Amazon, Dell, VMware, SAP, Facebook, Leading food delivery app, and many others. Regalix is headquartered in Palo Alto with offices across the U.S., Australia, and India, and delivers solutions in 18 languages.

About the Red Herring Top 100 Awards

The Red Herring Top 100 award highlights the most exciting organizations from Asia, Europe and the Americas. Hundreds of companies from each region are reviewed in a rigorous 3-step process that looks at all aspects of the company. Since 1996, technology industry executives, investors, and strategists have valued the Red Herring 100 lists as an instrument for discovering and advocating the most promising private ventures from around the world. Red Herring 100 Awards are widely recognized as one of the industry’s more prestigious recognitions, with hundreds of candidates from each continent competing for a Top 100.

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