Leverage offshore sales for effective merchant outreach and onboarding

Having effective customer onboarding is critical as it defines the relationship your customer has with your business. Efficient onboarding helps tackle the two most important reasons for customer churn — deriving value from the product and understanding the product. Regalix enables you to make a lasting first impression with bespoke content and discovery paths.

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Being the largest third-party delivery service globally, Leading Food delivery app facilitates on-demand delivery for more than 340,000 local businesses and restaurants in 4,400 cities across the US, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico. Leading Food delivery app enables delivery of food on-demand and on time to consumers as well as B2B users.


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Due to successfully catering to the wide variety of merchants, dashers, and users, Food delivery app saw a spike in demand; and this rising demand led to the requirement of commensurate supply. The Food delivery app saw an order growth of 325% in 2019 that required effective onboarding of restaurants and businesses on their platform. Coming to the operations, restaurants had too many or too few drivers to facilitate spikes in demands. Moreover, estimating delivery time for customers is fraught with challenges, namely food preparation, parking, traffic, and much more.

In order to tackle the aforementioned challenges, A Leading Food delivery app partnered with Regalix to augment their customer onboarding and merchant outreach. In the preliminary stages, a minor team of 10 consultants was deployed for outbound calling. After the successful pilot, the team size was expanded to 30 consultants and subsequently to 60 consultants to target inbound leads as well as perform consultative selling. In an effort to improve merchant outreach, the newly defined workflow and quality framework were calibrated with Food Delivery app’s captive sales team.

Regalix deployed teams based out of Hyderabad, India and Krakow, Poland, to effectively onboard restaurants and businesses. The preliminary pilot showed promising results in the first month, and a full-scale program was deployed over a span of 2-3 months. Following the successful pilot, quality inbound lead in the workflow resulted in ~6x merchant outreach. Regalix helped maintain the average monthly commission at 28.7% with more than 500 conversations per month through superior channel engagement.