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SSENSE is a multi-brand retailer based in Montreal, Canada specializing in the sale of designer fashion and high-end streetwear. It was founded as an e-commerce platform in 2003. SSENSE delivers to 114 countries and operates websites in French, English, Japanese and Korean. Post its launch, the brand was well-received in the market, its customer base grew, and SSENSE was soon faced with the challenge of a disproportionate and innately non-scalable in-house customer support staff.




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SSENSE’s customer base had rapidly outnumbered its in-house staff. This caused broken customer journeys, a dip in customer satisfaction, and a rise in customer churn. SSENSE faced three core challenges: The rigidity of in-house customer support staff, which made it difficult to scale the personnel before and after holiday seasons, the lack of multilingual talent to cater to a global audience and across time zones, and cost-effectively delivering quality customer support.

Regalix competed with SSENSE’s in-house team in a Champion-Challenger model. In this six-month pilot, Regalix’s offshore and SSENSE’s in-house teams worked independently to address the holiday surge. Regalix identified multilingual customer support executives across time zones who adopted a multichannel approach to customer service. Outsourcing customer service also meant a scalable and trained staff, which gave SSENSE the impetus to cost-effectively expand to new markets.

By the second quarter of the pilot, Regalix’s offshore team outperformed SSENSE’s in-house team on every measured KPI — Revenue/Cost Ratio, Cost Per Ticket, Cost Per Resolution, Time to Resolve, CSAT, and NPS. Covering four key languages—Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and English—Regalix worked through one of the busiest seasons to revitalize SSENSE’s customer experience and journey, elevating CSAT to above 95% and, in doing so, rekindled customer loyalty for the brand.