State of Contact Centers 2018 – The Role of AI in Transforming CSAT and the Workplace

Regalix Inc. has released a research report titled ‘State of Contact Centers 2018 – The Role of AI in Transforming CSAT and the Workplace’. The report is formed on the basis of inputs from senior executives responsible for contact center operations across four industries: computer and network security, telecommunications, IT and services, and computer software and internet. A wide variety of organizations are represented in this cross-section, with revenues ranging from about $50M to over $1B, and employee counts from 11 to more than 10,000.
Top-level executives have come to the realization that excellence in customer experience would be an important point of differentiation in the near future, and they’re harnessing emerging technologies to step up their game. This means that the customer support industry is in a period of transition, as new technologies are implemented in various forms. AI, in particular, has shown promise. Regalix’s research report is aimed at probing the contact center landscape at this juncture.
The report uncovers some interesting insights. It tells us that adoption of AI isn’t widespread just yet, but most organizations plan to invest in it in the coming two years. The study also identifies the biggest challenge in contact center delivery: providing consistent support to customers, as stated by 39% of the respondents. There are more such revelations in the report that throw light on the current state of contact centers and the possible path forward.

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