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September 2020 | Palo Alto, CA

Regalix launches Nytro Events — A powerful virtual events platform fully integrated with

Regalix, a global leader in end-to-end customer lifecycle management and sales enablement, announced the launch of Nytro Events — a full-featured virtual events platform that can enable up to 20,000+ virtual attendees. The solution is fully integrated into the sales enablement platform and allows event, marketing, and sales teams to host online and hybrid virtual events including SKOs, QBRs, town halls, user conferences, summits, and tradeshows.

Key features of Nytro Events include:

20,000+ attendees

Main stage and concurrent breakout stages

Live chat

On-demand Q&A

Networking Lounge

Interactive Sponsorship Areas

Event + Attendee Analytics

“With the launch of Nytro Events, our sales enablement platform — — becomes one of the most comprehensive and complete solutions on the market,” said Vikas Sharan, CEO of Regalix. “Nytro Events brings a much-needed innovative solution to the conference industry as more and more enterprises are deciding on how to host and power their virtual events moving forward.”

Nytro Events goes beyond online video conferencing and webinars by providing meaningful networking, interactivity, and engagement experiences that easily connect attendees from all over the world. With an elegant and intuitive UX, attendees can easily move to different stages and sessions, ask live questions to speakers, and access concurrent or past sessions they have missed on demand.

With Nytro Events, companies can deliver powerfully branded experiences and enable event organizers to eliminate the traditionally high costs associated with physical events such as venues, booths, furniture, audio/video equipment, food and beverage, insurance, and more.

About Regalix

Founded in 2005 in the heart of Silicon Valley by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, Regalix has a footprint in six countries, delivering solutions in 18 languages. Regalix, with its roots in data-driven and ROI-focused marketing, works with technology leaders in the areas of sales enablement, revenue operations, and thought leadership. Having worked with the best in the field — Google, VMware, Dell EMC, SAP, Amazon, among many others — Regalix delivers value at scale and speed to the leaders in the industry.