Regalix Inc. acquires The Center for Digital Intelligence

Mountain View, California – January 16, 2018 – Regalix Inc., a Silicon Valley company that re-imagines customer experiences for the physical and digital worlds’ largest companies, today announced the acquisition of the Center for Digital Intelligence, LLC., an Idaho-based digital strategies practice and research firm. The move is a part of Regalix’s effort to strengthen its position in the Customer Success and Customer Experience space globally.

The Center for Digital Intelligence helps enterprises understand the impact of emerging technologies on their strategies, and how they fit into their business objectives, and chalks down transformational strategies. The firm drives change through workshops, presentations, and thought leadership development based on research-backed findings.

Shedding light on the acquisition, Vikas Sharan, founder and CEO of Regalix, said, “The move is strategic and will help us leverage the Center of Digital Intelligence’s think tank and research network to augment our customer success initiatives.”

The Center for Digital Intelligence was founded by popular technology analyst and writer, Kevin Benedict.

About Regalix Inc.: Founded over a decade ago in the heart of Silicon Valley, Regalix works with enterprises in the hi-tech, ad-tech and retail domains, helping with customer acquisition, growth and retention. With its roots in data-driven and ROI-oriented marketing, Regalix has morphed from a digital agency to a full-fledged Customer Success company, delivering seamless customer experiences in today’s subscription-based economy.

About Center for Digital Intelligence, LLC.: The firm helps enterprises identify, understand, prepare, and adapt to the business and competitive impacts of emerging technologies. Apart from generating research reports, it also helps organizations develop their digital transformation strategies and plans.