CXO Guide launch: Digital Transformation in Contact Centers

March 2019 | Palo Alto, CA

Regalix Inc. has released the latest edition of CXO Guide titled “Digital Transformation in Contact Centers”. This issue talks about the importance of customer experience management in contact centers, and how digital technology and the need to create a lasting impression with the customer has propelled the contact center industry to reinvent itself.

The CXO Guide is a research initiative by Regalix meant for business leaders. It encapsulates insights from multiple domains based on deep research conducted by industry experts.

In this edition, Regalix reveals that digital strategy has become imperative for the contact center industry. Contact centers will continue to drive innovation in customer experiences through continuous technology improvements. AI, analytics, big data and social media will continue to evolve and transform customer interactions. New technologies like video and biometric analytics will drive further innovation within the industry.

“The report underlines the fact that contact centers have long been at the leading edge of innovation, given their promise of measurable ROI and the continued need to optimize customer interactions and stay ahead of competitors.” said Nimish Vohra, SVP-Marketing, Regalix.

Contact centers will continue to evolve as a strategic think-tank that will intersect with all aspects of the business. From product research and development to marketing and sales, contact centers will grow to play a strategic role in every customer-centric decision.

Discover more insights by downloading the complete report here.

About Regalix

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