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May 2019 | Palo Alto, CA

CMO Guide: Regalix’s latest insights on Product Marketing

Regalix has released the latest edition of CMO Guide titled “Product Marketing.” The CMO Guide is a Regalix research initiative meant for marketing leaders that encapsulates insights from multiple domains based on deep research conducted by industry experts.

This edition focuses on the increased significance of product marketing as a function for small-, mid- and large-sized organizations across industries in the B2B space. Key trends in B2B product marketing like rising customer expectations, longer sales cycles, need for personalized experiences and increased consumption of video content have also been explained in detail.

The report further goes on to add insights about the various technology drivers being used in product marketing today. It also includes innovative examples of how companies like Apple, Buffer, Brainshark and Accuray have disrupted this domain.

“Product marketing has become key for the very survival of the modern product company and is set to become the fulcrum of every business. To succeed today, product marketers must ensure that thousands of moving parts work together as a cohesive whole to create differentiation in the marketplace,” says Nimish Vohra, SVP – Marketing, Regalix.

About Regalix

Regalix is a Customer Acquisition and Customer Success company that re-imagines digital experiences across hi-tech, ad-tech and retail domains. The company has partnered with some of the largest global B2B organizations in their efforts at customer acquisition, growth and retention. Regalix works with businesses, supporting their customers through the entire journey, to deliver reliable products and services in today’s subscription-based economy.

Regalix has a long history of creating award-winning ventures with enterprises through co-innovation and idea-driven frameworks that inspire companies to think differently. Headquartered in Silicon Valley – Palo Alto, California – Regalix also has offices in Europe and Asia.