CIOReview Interviews Vikas Sharan, CEO of Regalix Inc.

Vikas Sharan, CEO of Regalix Inc., was recently interviewed by CIOReview, a technology magazine that keeps abreast of the latest disruptions and sheds light on the business environment of the future.

In the interview, Mr. Sharan spoke of the value of focusing on a customer’s journey with a product or a service, and the importance of viewing the sales process as a continuous one that involves not only acquiring customers, but also nurturing them and delivering value to encourage a long-term relationship that results in repeat business. This falls in line with findings in Regalix’s recent research report, ‘State of Customer Success 2018’, which states that acquiring a new customer is considerably more expensive than retaining an existing one and that increasing the customer retention rate drives up profits.
He believes that there’s room for innovation in an organization’s business model itself, and places emphasis on the three facets of a business that must be combined to realize this: “The only way to innovate with the business model is to leverage technology, people and processes to produce tangible business outcomes,” he says.
Mr. Sharan’s business philosophies certainly are working, as Regalix has worked and continues to work with technology giants and frontrunners like Google, VMware and NetApp, just to name a few.

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