Regalix brings the zing back to some harmless romance.

Care for a blind date? With someone you already know? Whose number is stored with you? Well, Trintme dating app – the brainchild of a lonesome post-grad in the US – works with the Facebook community to set up like-minded blind dates.
Choose from a set of preloaded ‘trints’ such as: “Coffee?”, “Call me!”, “Hangout?”, “Hook-up?”, and many more. Whoever else from among the community members posts a similar trint gets automatically connected to you. The app works in real time. Now you know if your intended date is interested in the post suggested by you if he or she responds to the trint. Then you are free to take it forward, without the fear of facing an implausible excuse meant to put you off! A simple, easy way to save yourself from potential embarrassment on a college campus.

Trintme took just 6 months at Regalix Innovation Lab before it hit iPhones in the US. Regalix took it upon themselves to advise the client on what would and would not work in the online world, before rolling up their sleeves and getting down to work. Developed by user experience experts and developers, based on deep understanding of consumer behavior, this was one date that went well, as it should for end-users of this app!

An example of how Regalix partners with individuals to develop usable products based on simple ideas!

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