Ecommerce has revolutionized the retail situation globally by building virtual marketplaces where the sellers’ space is fast getting overcrowded. While the opportunity of selling online is massive, it also induces complex mechanics of managing presence across marketplaces, standing out in the crowd and growing business exponentially. And this is additional to the usual processes of managing inventory, logistics and the nitty-gritties of offline retail presence.

There is also a significant size of merchants who are yet to board the ecommerce bandwagon owing to the lack of technical knowhow, manpower and other constraints. And they are facing the heat of online competition and flat-lining on business growth.

The Merchant’s Ferry to the Ecommerce Wonderland

Imagine a genie who could speak both the merchant’s and the ecommerce platform’s languages, interpret for each other, help them partner and grow in synergy! MerchantSnap is the genie that fosters the merchant-ecommerce ecosystem by providing them a one-stop-solution to coexist and perform well.

With established and strong relationships with ecommerce giants such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and so on, MerchantSnap speaks to sellers of all sizes, with or without online presence to create, manage and monitor their online business.

From setting up shop, to managing multiple accounts, tracking orders, catalog management, refunds and returns, MerchantSnap stays with the merchant throughout their life cycle on every marketplace.

A merchant now doesn’t need a rocket scientist to help him sell online, he only needs MerchantSnap.

Let’s work together and make your perfect solution a reality.