How a not-for-profit organization brought school books to non-school children

Concerned with the high rate of drop-outs in state run schools, Neeru Khosla and Murugan Pal established CK12, a not-for-profit organization. CK 12 increases the access to K-12 education in the United States and worldwide by providing free and fully customizable K-12 educational material. The courses are aligned to state curriculum standards and tailored to meet student and teacher needs.

CK12 supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education online, through an online portal, with reading material, activities, video, study aids, assessments and simulations that walk you through various levels of difficulties. Why? Because the cost of text books was found to be a major cause for school drop-outs in the US.

In order to strengthen this portal – a daunting task – Regalix was engaged, to cover textbook content and provide mock exam papers with 35,000 questions covering 10 subjects. These were created by identifying key topics under each subject and building a bank of 20 questions across various difficulty levels ranging from true/false to multiple-choice options.

In order to achieve this mammoth task, Regalix set up a panel of 170 education experts in India and USA to provide the content, conduct peer reviews and approve the final version for publishing online. The mandate from CK12 was clear – zero errors. This far exceeds the 6 sigma standards which most manufacturing companies strive to achieve! In spite of trials and tribulations, Regalix delivered.

Not content with building question banks, Regalix also built an app – ‘Study Help’ – to enabled all students to interact online with virtual experts while ‘Classroom Huddle’ allowed teachers to store data and files.
Content was also mapped to various US school board curriculums to ensure compliance with the subject matter – no small ask, given the number of states and varied curriculums across school boards. The portal met its objective by bringing educators, parents and students onto one platform through an outreach program engineered by Regalix.

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