Bottlenotes is an online platform targeted at wine enthusiasts looking to educate themselves about varieties of wine, their characteristics, and benefits. Bottlenotes had a small, loyal following, but was missing out on the majority of wine lovers who simply weren’t aware about the website. For example, Bottlenotes did not appear in top web searches. Existing users expressed difficulty in quickly finding the information they wanted and expressed a desire for fresh content more frequently. An informative newsletter was seen as the ideal solution to overcome this problem, but it was deemed infeasible due to people and time constraints.

Regalix took stock of the situation and prioritized the expansion of the Bottlenotes community its top priority. This was achieved through a combination of pay-per-click and social media campaigns. To address website usability issues, designers studied the website design and suggested remedial changes. Bottlenotes’ visibility was boosted through content optimization by SEO experts. Finally, in order to make the newsletter a reality, an automation tool that would simplify publishing and mailing was identified. It was also suggested that paid advertisements could be incorporated in the newsletter to bring further revenue.

On implementation of these measures, Bottlenotes noticed a sharp increase in readership within a short time period. Contributing factors were the improved usability of the website and the newsletter –

‘Daily Sip’. Bottlenotes now boasts of a steadily growing number of users, who receive all the information they need about their favorite beverage.

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