Youtube trends map shows what you like to watch


YouTube Trends Map will direct you to the most popular videos on YouTube – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

YouTube Trends Map Shows What You Like to Watch

If you are curious to know what others are watching on YouTube, it won’t take much time to find out now. Internet video giant YouTube has introduced a new feature called YouTube Trends Map that would display data about popular views throughout the US. With Trends Map, users can get statistics of videos such as most viewed or most shared as well as demographic-specific views. By merely moving the cursor over a selected city, users will be able to zoom in on the top three videos in the region.


What we think:

This tool will help marketers create more personalized video ads targeting niche groups. For viewers, this tool will enrich viewing experience, as they will have instant access to both weird and wonderful videos. However, as the tool works on consumer feedback, questions remain on how secure personal information about viewing habits would be.

Streaming Videos with Showyou App

If you are an avid video follower, here’s an app built just for you. A new video app called Showyou scouts the Internet for interesting videos and clips of the day, and it lines them up for you to view on your Android device. You can even use it to pull out videos from your daily Twitter and Facebook feeds and create your own channel to share them across other social networks.

Source: Yahoo

What we think:

This app can turn out to be a real stress buster. With the search part gone, you just have to lay back and enjoy video clips one after another.

Amazon Working on 3D-Capable Smartphone

Amazon is developing a 3D-capable Smartphone that will work without special glasses. Using retina-tracking technology, the Smartphone will push images above the screen to give it a floating appearance. The high-end Smartphone will provide a three-dimensional view from all angles. To navigate through content, users will just have to use their eyes.


What we think:

Though incorporating this technology in Smartphone was waiting to happen, it remains to be seen whether a 3D-enabled Smartphone will impress users, especially when response to 3D-technology has been mixed.


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