Website usability best practices: a marketing perspective


If any of you have used Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Center, you would realize the difference between a product that is usable and one that just fills a need. Many of the best products and business have been built on back of usable products – Apple, Google, QuickBooks, Amazon, etc.

Why is it that marketer still do not give usability and users’ their due, and in the process harm their own business? Perhaps marketers started out as helping to sell real products that were inherently usable – toothpastes, chocolates, automobiles, magazines, etc – and still haven’t come to terms with the new virtual world.

The virtual world has evolved fast in the last decade – software that lives purely on the web, read-write web, social networks, phones as core part of information access and communication -and most of us have simply failed to keep up with the changes.

Join Nimish Vohra on September 10th, 2009, 10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST to understand how marketers can focus on usability to increase ROI on their products.

Takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Why usability is important for marketing
  • Understanding usability in virtual interactions
  • What else is usability usually called
  • First steps in making usability a core part of marketing
Nimish VohraVP Country Head

Nimish has over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing, Human Factors and Creative design. Nimish comes to Regalix from StarTV, one of the largest Entertainment and Media companies, where he was program manager for the R&D and production of next generation Cable/Satellite Television programs.
Before StarTV, Nimish built ChaiTime, a large online community of NRIs. Before ChaiTime, Nimish worked with several large media and special effects firms as Creative Lead. Many of his creations are memorable house-hold names and are still featured on several Asian Networks. Nimish has a Masters Degree in Industrial Design from IIT Mumbai and an Engineering Major.


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