Virtual reality comes to home computers


Planning surgeries in a 3D environment or creating a 3D classroom is now possible with Leonar3Do’s 3D virtual reality controller — this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

Virtual Reality Comes to Home Computers in 3D

A 3D virtual reality controller made by Leonar3Do for 3D TVs and home computers can revolutionize the way real-life surgeries are done or class-room education is imparted. The virtual reality system requires 3D glasses, a 3D bird controller (a feature that delivers smooth tracking of orientation angles without range limitation or line-of-sight restrictions) and a screen equipped with three peripheral sensors which can be put on any computer, laptop, or 3D TV to create a virtual workspace environment. As a result of testing the product, one company has used this technology to make a driving practice simulator. A physician has even used the technology to create a facial reconstruction program to plan for real-life surgeries.

Source: Livescience

NASA buys inflatable room for international space station

NASA has officially signed a deal to attach an inflatable private module to the International Space Station. Under the new deal, NASA will pay $17.8 million to the Nevada-based private spaceflight firm Bigelow Aerospace for the company’s Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), which will be affixed to the orbiting lab as a technology demonstration. Technology Demonstration Mission projects encompass all elements of the flight test demonstration including test planning, flight hardware, launch, ground operations, and post testing assessment and reporting. BEAM is likely to be similar to Bigelow’s Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 prototypes, which the company had earlier launched. Both Genesis modules are 14.4 feet long by 8.3 feet wide, with about 406 cubic feet of pressurized volume. NASA officials have said that BEAM could be in orbit about two years.

Source: Fox News

Pulse Adds Built-In Social Stream Integration with Social Networks

Pulse, the app that brings one’s favorite web content in one place, has received another update. The newly updated version of the app can now be used to view social streams from Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube right within Pulse. To integrate these networks into your Pulse account, you have to click on “Add Content” and tap the plus button corresponding to network.

Source: AppAdvice


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