Viralheat app: the social network manager


An app to manage multiple social network feeds – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

Viralheat App: The Social Network Manager

If you find hopping from one social media network to another irksome, then this app belongs to you. App Viralheat helps you manage lots of social network feeds all at once. You can leverage this to aggregate your updates so that you can post to lots of different accounts. With this app you also get a chance to schedule posts for later or even get insight into how much traction your updates are gaining. Viralheat allows users’ to group their personal and professional accounts and categorize them accordingly.

Source: Yahoo

What we think:

The best thing about this app is that it brings engagement, social media management, and analytics to mobile. Marketers and celebrities can make use of this the most as it eliminates the need to log in to different accounts every time they have to update something.

Foursquare Partners with Gnip to Sell Check-In Stream

Foursquare has announced that it will be partnering exclusively with Gnip, a reseller of social-media figures, to distribute real-time places figures to advertisers and marketers. The data will be anonymized i.e. when users buy the real-time stream they will only get access to location, time, date and gender for all check-ins. Foursquare has nearly 35 million registered users and more than 4 billion check-ins. Though nothing has been said about the fees, buyers can choose between the full fire-hose product and a filtered version.

Source: Cnet

What we think:

The partnership comes as a boon for marketers. Armed with accurate data they will be able to zero in on their niche customers with ease.

Broadcom Unveils New 5G Wi-Fi Chips for PCs, Tablets, Phones

Broadcom has announced its first 5G Wi-Fi combo chips built for entry-level consumer devices, such as PCs, tablets, notebooks and smartphones. With this combo chips, a user can avail Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth and FM radio all in one package. This second generation of 5G Wi-Fi chips includes the same features as Broadcom’s current lineup but integrates more components to keep costs down. It promises to deliver dramatic speed, power and performance, effortlessly stream HD video and significantly increase Wi-Fi range in the home, office, or hotspot zone.

Source: Cnet

What we think:

Combo chips mark a big advancement in multi-tech packaging. Given that it packs a host of advantages at a fairly low cost, the chip will trigger rapid adoption across many devices.


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