Top global brands are embracing youtube marketing


With over 3 billion hours of video watched on YouTube per month, and more than 53% of the entire U.S population watching online videos, video is a channel that marketers can no longer afford to ignore. It is even estimated, that by 2014 online video could account for 50% of all internet traffic! These numbers are compelling evidence for B2B marketers to include a video marketing strategy in their marketing plan.

Some of the biggest brands globally have taken cognizance of this trend and embraced video in an impressive manner. A study conducted by Pixability, reveals that the top 100 brands alone have already published more than a quarter million videos on YouTube, with the publishing rates continuing to rise year over year – a trend that shows no signs of abating. The study revealed that the most successful of the Top 100 Global Brands produced a wide range of video content on an ongoing basis.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why video should be an integral part of your marketing mix:

Must-have for SEO

YouTube is currently the second largest search engine in the world. Within Google search, video content has been measured as 53X more likely to achieve organic, first-page ranking than traditional web pages. Therefore, having a YouTube presence and optimizing your videos to perform well in search is absolutely critical to maintaining a successful online presence.

Higher retention rate

Videos are found to have a higher viewer retention since the information retained in one minute of online video is found to be equivalent to about 1.8 million written words. As a result, most people prefer to watch a video or a series of videos in comparison to reading through piles of text.

Higher impact than other channels

The study also found that YouTube has longer lasting marketing impact than social media for the Top 100 Global Brands. While Facebook updates remain in the News Feed an average of 22 hours, From 12 weeks to 52 weeks each video posted on YouTube continues to attract another 30% of its overall views.

This lifetime value of video content is unique to YouTube and is among the key reasons marketers now need to place a higher importance on being present and active on YouTube.

Highly engaging

Videos are found to more engaging and most likely to be shared by consumers. A study by Usurv found that consumers are more likely to share (39%), comment (36%) and ‘like’ (56%) an online video than a text article. Brands that are looking at ways to enrich discussions and engagement within their community can do so by simply uploading engaging content on YouTube.

Because of the growing importance and usage of YouTube, it is almost impossible for marketers to ignore this channel. A trend recognized by the top brands, it is important for brands all over the world to also start embracing YouTube in a big way.

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