Social media success stories


With social media presence playing an important role in reputation and brand building exercises for companies, it is no wonder that brands are flocking to social media channels. However, not all brands use social media in a similar manner. While some utilize the interaction potential of the channel for relationship building with their target audience, others use it for showcasing their thought-leadership and expertise in their respective fields. Those who have had successful social media strategies have done so by using the channel in their own unique ways. We have collected a few examples of some such brands that have gotten social right as there are important lessons to be learnt from each of these brands:


There are important lessons to be learnt from Walmart’s social media activity. Their Facebook posts are fun, engaging and promote their products in a clever way without sounding sales-y. Walmart posts around four to five times a week, makes use of a lot of images, emphasizes a lot on issues relevant to their target market especially matters relating to family. The core of their activity on Facebook seems to be engagement. All their efforts seem to point to revolve around demonstrating how much they care about their fans. Their current cover picture in fact is a collection of photos of their fans clearly putting them on top of everything that they do. And the result..their fans love them! They have already clocked in around 32 million fans with the number growing at a fast rate.

Walmart also makes use of Twitter mainly to answer queries from their customers, and also to run Twitter Contests. One tactic that they use which is something brands can benefit a lot from is cross-linking their contests and cross-promoting them . For instance, this offer on Facebook encouraging customers to buy a video game on a limited offer was also promoted on Twitter at the same time.

Walmart also has presence on the social media darling-Pinterest. A channel which is particularly popular amongst retailers because of the high amount of referral traffic from the site, Pinterest is used by Walmart to promote a mix of branded and non-branded content. The retail giant owns two Pinterest accounts; one aimed more at product ideas and one that promotes green living. The main account uses fantastic imagery to promote creative ideas and special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Easter, and created seven new boards for Christmas alone. Another channel which is becoming synonymous with brand discovery is google+, with the channel being used to promote great content around issues that project Walmart as a sensitive brand by discussing issues relevant to the target market (cooking recipes, veteran programs, green energyetc).


A B2B brand, Wipro’s social media strategy has resulted in the brand having the highest network size on social media vis-à-vis its competitors. They have an impressive reach of 676k on Facebook and 121,888 on Twitter. This is a result of conducting the following:

  • Video optimization & marketing through YouTube
  • Integrated event promotions across channels
  • Integration with website (traffic) and search (keywords)
  • Social media participation for Business Themes, Events
  • Optimize collaterals/content on Wipro blog, Google +, YouTube, Slideshare& other document sharing site
  • Conducting contests on Twitter including the Wipro Online Marathon

The brand creates a variety of visually rich and engaging content on each of its social media channels with the emphasis on engagement and social share. The result being it has the highest influence (klout score of 84) and the highest Facebook and Twitter ranking (16,631 and 12,379 respectively). Wipro social gives you a snapshot of all their social activity on different social media channels, with real-time updates. Be sure to check out their Twitter handle Wipro Insights which discusses the latest issues and topics for multiple industries.


Another software giant that has given the world an example of exemplary social media strategy and execution is Microsoft. The mammoth brand has made use of their social handles to create a huge network and social media following. Their Facebook page boasts of a whopping 2.7 million fans with separate pages dedicated to each of its sub-brands and products alongside its main corporate account, including Office, Bing, Xbox, Internet Explorer, Windows and Windows Phone. Their page on Facebook posts regular questions called Trivia Tuesday, Friday Question intended to garner discussions and engagement from their fans.

Unlike other brands, Microsoft also has a commendable following on Twitter account, with a total reach of around 2.2 million followers on their corporate Twitter account alone. They have a total of 20 accounts on Twitter that cover everything from the latest news, careers to Microsoft products such as office and Windows. Microsoft uses it’s Twitter account mainly to share interesting content with its community. For instance, their Twitter feed for today( 27th September) sees them sharing pictures of dogs on their campus on the occasion of National Dog Day. This was followed by their fans posting pictures of their dogs which was later pinned on their Pinterest account (after taking fans’ permission of course) which by the way is another channel which they use to share interesting content. Microsoft has a total of 12 boards and 188 pins currently. The brand also has a page on rival Google’s network Google plus, with a community of around 6184 members, working at solving all their queries and concerns.

Which other brands do you think have had successful social media strategies? What did they do differently? Let us know in the comments below?


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