The savvy marketer’s playbook to search marketing success


Are You Playing Yesterday’s Game?

You are old school, if you still think that-

  • Keyword stuffing is the panacea to all SEO problems
  • Content relevancy is not important. Who reads that stuff anyway!
  • Just go and get the links. Much like your Facebook friends – you don’t know half of them, and the other half are figuring out how they know you
  • It’s either SEO or Social. After all you can only do so much
  • And PPC? Hey that’s not your job

If old school SEO is your holy grail, you have lost the battle even before it began. Times are changing and so are the consumers. Its time you did too.

Internet has given super powers to two segments of the society. The customer – if it’s out there somewhere, he can find it and get it too (in most cases). And the seller – it’s no longer about the giants with big money, the ‘also rans’ of yesterday have an equal opportunity today and stand neck to neck with the giants . And all this has changed because of one thing – Search. With more and more brands being discovered and doing business through search, there has never been a better time to be in business.

While this is all good for the business, marketers are being challenged to find a way to the top spot and grab those eyeballs. What with, not a hundred or a thousand, but millions of businesses out there vying for a spot on the search engines? What with the unlimited choices available to your prospective customer with just a click? And what about search engine jungles getting murkier? Marketers need to be on top of the search game to get results.

Regalix brings you the “Savvy Marketer Playbook to Search Marketing Success” to help you bolster your campaign and understand the mechanisms behind the best practices of SEO and PPC.


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