Round-up of the ten best b2b videos of 2013


It is a well-known fact that product videos provide you with a range of benefits from spreading awareness about your offerings to inducing your viewers/subscribers to become returning visitors and buyers. But not all videos click with the audience; while some become viral sensations; others fizzle out like an opened can of soda. To understand what clicks and what does not, we bring to you a round-up of the best video campaigns this year.

1.: We welcome a new client

Brand24 which is a social media monitoring and measurement company, in their short video demonstrate the various facets of a video making it ideal to communicate a varied type of messaging – from how to tutorials to expressing appreciation. For instance, in this case brand24 wanted to welcome the new addition to their customer list – IKEA Poland. Instead of announcing their affiliation by creating yet another run-of-the-mill press release, they decided to instead create a video featuring their company’s founders in a pretty unusual situation. The video garnered 54,000 YouTube views in the first two days of its release, became one of the top 10 most popular and most shared videos in Poland, increased buzz about IKEA by a whopping 350%. With 99% positive opinions, it has become one of the most successful viral campaigns in Poland.

Video Link: Click here

2.: Harlem Shake v1


A company dealing with a serious topic of learning and education, creates a rather fun video showcasing their employees doing the famous Harlem Shake. The video has a total of 1.1 million hits as of today and dismisses the popular myth that B2B companies are boring and cannot create interesting videos which are thought to be the foray of B2C companies. Other videos by Canvas such as their tutorials and information guides also boast impressive numbers but are not as popular as the one above. This goes to prove one fact that making a video which everyone can universally relate to is a bonus, add to that riding on an already viral sensation’s theme and you got yourself a winner.

Video Link: Click here

3.: We already miss how close we used to be


Another company that has demonstrated a unique use of video is one that has given us some memorable inbound marketing campaigns in the past – HubSpot. This time they have managed to create a video making unsubscribers think twice before calling it quits. With a clever play of words and psychology, the video shows a person begging you to give a second chance when you opt out of their emailing list.

Video Link: Click here

4.: Internet of Everything


A part of Cisco’s campaign “Tomorrow starts here” is a video on the “Internet of Everything” which celebrates and showcases the beauty of inter-connectedness of things in this world. It shows how immense value can be derived from it for businesses and people alike; all under a 2 minute long video.

Video Link: Click here

5.: Internet of Customers


Just as Cisco demonstrated the beauty of interconnectedness in its video, Salesforce shows how behind all the apps, all the devices, all the technology, all the connections, is the most important element of all: customers. Less than three days old, the video has already garnered around 13,000 views! An ode to customers around the world, the company has produced a video to introduce their new product Salesforce1 Customer Platform, designed to connect everything – from a company’s customers, data, employees, partners, and the next generation of apps and devices.

Video Link: Click here

6.: Agent of Good


A commercial by GE which was aired on TV as well, this video shows an agent smith-look alike from Matrix talking about a software which is an agent of good which revolutionizes how hospitals function. Making you oddly nostalgic of the matrix series, this video again ranks high on mass appeal which is the reason why it had around 1 million hits on YouTube alone.

Video Link: Click here

7.: Overview for Marketers


Marketo’s short intro video providing an overview for B2B marketers is a good example of short-form content ideal for pushing prospects further down the purchase funnel. In less than 2 mins, the video communicates the features and benefits of using Marketo for B2B marketers in a clear and engaging manner. A classic no-frills video that communicates its message clearly.

Video Link: Click here

8.: Epic 80′s Entrepreneur Training Video


Makers of virtual phone systems designed for entrepreneurs – Grasshopper gives us yet another memorable online video. A satirical video that gives tips to people who want to become entrepreneurs, this video became popular due to its humorous take on entrepreneurs and their recognizable traits and behaviors. The plus point for this video apart from its content is its mass appeal; how everyone and not just their target audience can relate to it, making it highly likeable and shareable.

Video Link: Click here

9.: Virtualizing the Entire Data Center


A short 30 seconds video that communicates clearly how VMware’s virtualization software is superior to other tools. Not seen very often in B2B videos, this one is bold as it spells out how VMware’s software is better than Microsoft.

Video Link: Click here

10. : It’s what’s inside that counts


Intel’s campaign Look inside which is less than three weeks old was kicked off by this video. The multi-million chip making company celebrates all things inside with this video. Intel claims that What’s inside is at the heart of what they do everyday and encourage people to share their innermost curiosities and inspirations with this video.

Video Link: Click here

What did you think of the above videos? Would you like to add to the list? Please let us know in the comments below


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