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Trigger-based email marketing cheat sheet


What is trigger-based email marketing?

Trigger based marketing allows you to simplify the process of lengthy selling cycles, complex sales structures and customers’ digital footprint owing to the large number of touch-points and channels involved by communicating with your customers and prospects, not based on dates marked on your calendar but on some measurable change in their behavior or needs.

Why you need this trigger-based email marketing cheat sheet?

Whether you have already implemented trigger based marketing or are planning to do so in the future, this cheat sheet has information which can radically improve your efforts. Arming you with both theoretical and practical information (worksheets), you can assess the performance of your trigger based campaigns and can tweak it for best results.

In this cheat sheet, you will learn:

  • What is trigger-based email marketing and what are its benefits
  • Types of triggers
  • Worksheet – Trigger-based email checklist

Download this cheat sheet to get a complete run-down on trigger-based email marketing in a jiffy.

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