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The Savvy Marketers Playbook to Marketing Automation Success


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation refers to the set of technologies that automate repetitive marketing tasks involving customer segmentation and campaign management and results in marketing operational efficiency driving higher revenues.

Why Marketing Automation?

You already have an Email marketing system which sends newsletters to your database, you have an Analytics account set up for your website, your blog posts get auto published to your Social Media handles and your marketing team duly hands over the leads from all the above activities to the Sales team. Sounds good enough right?

But do you have a system in place to understand the needs of different prospects and direct them to the right content through the right channel so as to convert them into customers? Are the leads handed over to the Sales team sales-ready? Do you have a single-pane view of your marketing performance? If the answer is no to even one of the above points, it means you need to dive into Marketing Automation right away.

All the separate systems that you might have for managing email campaigns, web visitor tracking, lead scoring and lead nurturing programs, campaign management etc., are replaced by a single centralized solution that creates highly personalized targeted content to advance prospects along the buying cycle, aligns Sales and Marketing, increased marketing efficiency and drives revenues.

To find out how Marketing Automation can benefit your business, download this Playbook.

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