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State of search marketing 2014


While Marketing has undergone dramatic change in the last few years; Search Marketing undergoes massive changes every couple of months. Paid Search was changed inadvertently with the introduction of Mobile Advertisements which now have higher click-through rates than desktop PPC campaigns. Search Engine Optimization which traditionally focused on keyword research with content sometimes created to match the research is now content-first. It is crucial for marketers to keep abreast of these developments so as to prepare and tackle these changes in a way that buyers and business is not affected.

Regalix conducted survey interviews with Business Leaders, Senior Marketing Executives and Practitioners from around the world to analyze the current practices and standards followed in order to understand the state of Search Marketing as it stands today. The report also comes with actionable tips and recommendations to help marketers utilize Organic and Paid Search Marketing in their organizations effectively.


  • 96% marketers use Search Engine Marketing to provide informational/educational content
  • 76% marketers use Social Media to support and boost SEO
  • 71% marketers use broad-based information keywords to capture leads at the top of the purchase funnel
  • 68% marketers use Paid Search to accelerate lead generation
  • 61% marketers use responsive web design as a part of their mobile SEO
  • 56% marketers integrate Content Marketing with SEO
  • 47% B2B marketers believe that growth of Mobile Ads and Mobile content is not significant to them

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