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State of B2B social media marketing 2015


Social media marketing today is largely used to build awareness and exposure. Given the stickiness of the medium and its power to engage, we would like to see organizations using the social platform more to engage with their customers and prospective buyers, and building a relationship with them.

We also see a need for analytics to measure and monitor social media activities more rigorously, so companies can focus on channels that are working for them, and not have to invest in a social plan that covers as many channels as there are, which more often they do now.

And finally, we would like to see companies leverage the power of user-generated content in the social space, something that we did not hear them speak much about in our study.

In this study, we spoke to senior B2B marketers to understand current trends in social media marketing and the challenges faced by them in implementing a social media strategy. The research was done globally with a fair mix of product and service companies.



  • 94% respondents choose increasing brand awareness as key objective of their social media marketing efforts
  • 93% marketers choose Twitter as the most used social media platform
  • 88 % respondents say they have integrated their social media marketing with their overall marketing program
  • 82% respondents say their organizations invest in social media marketing
  • 52% respondents say they expect their social media budget to go up in the next 12 months

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