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State of B2B search marketing 2015


Given the increasing complexity of a digital multi-channel environment and the increasing dominance of mobile, companies need to keep their eyes wide open while navigating the Search Marketing space.

The possibilities are numerous. Paid or organic search, recent studies have shown that organic search is still by far the biggest driver of traffic on the web. So one can’t get away with just a paid search strategy. On the other hand, a combination of paid and organic search strategies seem to bring in better results. So, content is important. Social media presence is key. Mobile is critical. And search algorithms, for better or worse, keep changing.

There are no right or wrong answers here. Companies need to see what works best for them. In our survey, we found that companies were already pursuing multiple strategies to achieve their search objectives. Search Marketing, in our opinion, will always remain a work-in-progress. While costs are an important factor, companies will do well to seek help from outside when the going gets tough.

This report looks at the importance of search in driving online traffic and the state of search marketing among B2B companies in 2015.


  • 76% respondents consider both SEO & SEM as part of their search marketing strategy
  • 73% respondents say their companies invest in search marketing
  • 67% marketers use social media channels to boost their SEO efforts
  • 66% marketers rate organic search over paid search in terms of performance
  • 56% respondents say they expect their search marketing budget to increase over the next 12 months

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